Media Kit

Sonido Obscuro  

Is my first EP. Recorded in Chicago at Platectonic Studios with Frank Orrall and Gravity Studios. With Gustavo Cortiñas on drums and Ryan T.Hope on Bass. It was thought out as a song cycle. The songs are all interconnected by a leitmotif. Art Cover by Andreina Aragoneses.

Collective Delirium is part of a collection of songs that I wrote from 2011 to 2017 some of them with my writing buddy and co-producer in other projects, Gilles Aniorte Tomassian. It was produced, recorded and arranged by Chris Larumbe Trio in South East Asia. The Art is by Andreina Aragoneses. Collective Delirium explores the nuances of intercultural and global relationships, the vertiginous ecstasy of a generation in the verge of an industrial revolution.  It explores our disappointments, our unpleasantness and indifference but also our hopes for a brighter future.

I've played all kinds of Music but lately I'm in a more experimental, improvisational mood.

Check out my SoundCloud channel to hear some of the different styles I've explored.